Friday, May 8

Ice Scoop, Leeds

Well, it's been a while hasn't it?
Apologies. I've been so engulfed with everything uni related as I finish, (yes... FINISH!?) two weeks today. Crumbs. And I highly doubt that library sessions, job searches and nights out are hardly what you lot fancy seeing. Anyway, I promise the good old stuff is on its way back soon.

So imagine this post as a warm up, a little teaser if you will, to warm me back up to the world of blogging. (How I've been missing it, reading everyone's posts and talking to you all!)

This was a bit of a spontaneous post as four hungry girls all of a sudden decided that after a long day in the library, it was a great shout to try out the new ice cream parlour, Ice Scoop, down the road. (Talk about a miracle!) 
So apologies for the iPhone photos, but it wasn't exactly planned... I just thought it was worth a shout after the waffles emerged and we all drooled at how cracka-lacking they were!

Sophie & Tash went for their chocolate and crumbled oreo waffles, topped with vanilla ice cream.


Whilst Caoimhe & myself went for their Nutella, banana & oreo crumbled crepes with vanilla ice cream... 
Let's just all appreciate these for a second.... Oh and yeah, they were each only £4. Cheers to Leeds being so wonderfully cheap!!

So our little trip to the new Ice Scoop was pretty darn great. They've got some delicious looking cakes and rows upon rows of fresh gelato up for grabs too (I'll definitely be back to try them out soon.)
In the meantime, have a good weekend y'all, hopefully the sun will be out & shining! xx


  1. I love gelato <3 And the iPhone photos aren't that bad!! the food still looks delish and thats what matters HAHAH

    BCfactor Blog

  2. I may visit my friend in Leeds purely to go here!




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