Tuesday, June 2

Almost Famous, Leeds

If you couldn't tell by my blog already, I love a good burger.
Getting the perfect combination is a fine art and the vendors in Leeds I'd argue are some of the best in the UK. With the likes of Boss Burger, Patty Smiths, Meat Liquor & Get Baked (which I am definitely trying this week), finding your fix for some juicy meat and squidgy buns isn't hard.
Almost Famous is up with the best & after hearing so much about them and sampling some of their mini sliders at the Leeds Food & Drink Festival press launch, we couldn't help but visit their main restaurant.

There was a huge group of us but the staff were really accommodating and we checked out the bar and the ridiculously cool décor whilst they set up a table for us.

We set about ordering and in minutes our cocktails emerged.
I went for the 'bitch juice' which was Bombay Sapphire, elderflower, blackberry, lemon, passion fruit and tonic... With the edition of some funky glow sticks.

It hit the nail on the head and was really refreshing.
Some of the others went for their 'Cherry Bomb' instead of Finlandia vodka, cola syrup, cherry juice, lemon & 'firework fun'.

But then the food arrived and all chatter was quickly halted.
*Apologies for the blurriness, my camera really didn't like the twilight light!*

My house mate & I shared their 'Pig n Waffle Fries'; waffle fries, pulled pork, redneck BBQ & blue cheese sauce, jalapeño and onion.
Oh. Sweet. Jesus. 
These were utterly amazing. Melt in the mouth worthy.

I went for their 'River Phoenix' which was cheese, baon, BBQ fried onions, frazzles, chipotle ketchup, baconnaise *drool*, BBQ sass & fresh chillies.
I wish I could have eaten at least three as it went far too quickly!

Some of the others went for the Johnny Mac which was applewood smoked & chedar cheeses, bacon, gridded onions, million island dressing, chipotle ketchup and topped with a mac & cheese ball.
It was basically the ultimate cheese burger & my friends were too busy devouring into theirs for me to even take a photo. But I'm assuming from the silence and sighs that they were all blissfully happy!

Whilst I left my friends to slump in their chairs for a little with their food comas, I snuck off to check out the rest of the restaurant and its epic décor.

With snug booths dotted all around the space, their sweetie filled tables helped complete the fun, indulgent theme.

And anywhere that has a selfie booth in their restaurant automatically has my full support!

So, if I was you I'd indeed listen to their flashing arrow, 'Follow the Dream' and head over to Almost Famous. The staff were really friendly and helpful, especially considering that there was 14 of us in total and the food was fast, flavoursome and had us all calling back for seconds. What more could you ask for?!
They also do amazing milkshakes and sweet treats but we were all too stuffed to consider them... Next time for sure.



  1. Great review!

    I love the sweet filled tables!




  2. I haven't tried here yet! I have been to meat liquor in london a few times and I fell in love! I need to try the Leeds one out!



  3. Looks like a really fun place, I love Leeds for a night out!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  4. oh my god, this place looks incredible!

    I'm actually drooling...

    Also loving the fact that they have a photo booth in there ;)


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