Friday, June 12

Jammy Butterfly Cakes

Whilst baking a new recipe is always exciting, sometimes you really can't beat the classics.
And you really can't get more classic and simple than butterfly cakes.

Duerr's kindly sent over a jar of their new rhubarb & custard flavoured jam that's perfectly suited for home baking. I was eager to use it with a recipe that's a life long favourite than something a little different.

Each vanilla cake was carefully hollowed out, filled with jam and a little vanilla butter cream, then topped with the halved, hollowed sponge and a sprinkling of freeze dried raspberries.

I was really impressed with Duer's Rhubarb & Custard jam. I'm usually a go-to strawberry girl myself but I'd happily use this again as it wasn't too sweet and had a strong flavour.

To make 12 of your own butterfly cakes, you will need:
- 100g caster sugar
- 100g self raising flour
- 100g softened butter
- 2 tsp baking powder
- 2 eggs
- 2 tsp vanilla extract

To finish:
-300g flavoured jam, I used Duerr's Rhubarb & Custard
-150g icing sugar
- 50g softened butter

Preheat your oven to 180C/160 fan and pop 12 cake cases into a tin.

Measure out all of the cake ingredients and beat together until light and fluffy.

Spoon a tablespoon of batter into each case until 3/4 full and bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes until golden brown.

When completely cool, use a knife to cut a circular hole, slightly downwards into the cake to create a hollow dip. Keep the insides of each cake.
Beat together the butter and the icing sugar until thick and smooth.

Add a dollop of jam to the hollow of each cake, followed by a spoonful of butter cream. 
Cut each inner of cake in half and place on top like butterfly wings.

Sprinkle on some icing sugar and some freeze dried raspberries, if you have them, then serve for afternoon tea in the summer sun.
Simple, but perfect.

A big thank you to Duerrs for sending over a sample of jam, my opinion is of course my own and the flavour was a really refreshing change from the standard strawberry/raspberry option.

Is anyone else baking this weekend?
Also, don't forget that it's fathers day next Sunday! You might want to get baking if you've forgotten...


  1. Yum! These look so good. I've not made butterfly cakes for years. I really should soon! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Yum, these look great! Love the pictures. X

  3. Fab twist on a classic, Emily! x

  4. Butterfly cakes are always a firm favourite for me, very nostalgic! I love the sound of that jam, and your photos are just as delicious! Hope it's a great weekend! Katie x

  5. Ive never heard of a butterfly cake before but it look delicious <3 Definitely have to try to make some. Yours turned out beautiful

    BCfactor Blog


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