Wednesday, July 8

Madrid, Part 2

After a rather late night in Madrid, Katie & I awoke in the sweltering heat. Katie had heard of a big food market in the Plaza Matadero in the afternoon & so we decided to have a lazy morning wandering round the local area, Malasana.

Smothered in sun cream and ready for the day ahead, we nipped into the local Jewish bakery for a warm pain au chocolat, followed by the next door juice shop to redeem our healthiness.

After having a sunny stroll, we set off on the metro for the Matadero.

The Matadero is an old slaughter house, *a slightly grim background I know!*, which they converted into a centre for contemporary creation.
Inside it is jam packed with exhibitions and all sorts of creative expression, but today (just our luck for such foodies), they had an outside market going on. 

Katie & I had a wander, tucked into some fresh cherries, and eyed up the local delicacies whilst fanning ourselves.

However in the heat, the idea of eating local cheeses and olives wasn't really that appealing... 
But ice cream? 
Hell yes.

Mistura's ice cream is the bomb.
You pick the flavour of ice cream that you desire, followed by a topping. The man behind the till then smoothers the ice cream across a frozen panel with a paddle, and gently beats the ice cream to mix in the toppings.

You can't go wrong with the classic strawberry & chocolate combo, (with some white chocolate tenderly mixed in).

And just because one food market wasn't good enough for one day, we happened to stumble upon another one nearby.

Then... We collapsed for a siesta.
The heat drains everything out of you & the two of us were knackered from just a few hours of walking. We spent the evening eating our body weight in tapas on the lively plazas with plenty of wine.
There's one more Madrid post on its way about what is a truly charming city.

Has anyone ever been to Madrid? Or want to go?


  1. You've really made Madrid come alive with your vibrant photos :)

    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  2. Such a beaut couple of Madrid posts, Emily! You and Kate look like you had a lush time and I'm now so pleased my sis will be there for her year abroad next year. Blog looking fab too! x

  3. I definitely want to go to Madrid now I've seen this! I studied Spanish for 5 years at school but have never been. Such beautiful photos, they're so colourful! And strawberry and chocolate is the best ice cream combo! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua: Milan, Travel & Food

  4. Wow! Looks incredible! Madrid is beautiful!

    Paula |

  5. It really is Paula, I love all the beautiful side streets x

  6. Go, Lucy, go! I'd never considered it before, especially because I know very little Spanish but I really was surprised how charming it was. I'm so jealous of my friend Katie getting to call it her home for a year x

  7. Aww no way is Holly going there for a year?! Definitely tell her to drop Katie a message and I'm sure that she'd love to help her with some tips/advice if she needs it. The lucky girl! x

  8. Thanks Angie :)
    Hope you're well! xx

  9. You guys look gorge. The markets look fab and you now have me craving ice-cream!

    Katie <3


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