Sunday, September 13

26 Grains, Neal's Yard

There's so many spots in London that I'm still dying to visit. 
I've only been here for a few weeks, and whilst I'd love to dive head first into the London food scene, my budgets and jeans wouldn't allow it if I tried. So in the meantime, I'm picking and choosing where to visit whilst developing a huge list of places I'm desperate to hit up. (And yes, I'm cool enough to even have it colour coded!)

I met up with the gorgeous Katie from Kalanchoe, a girl who I've known from the blogging world for a while and who is an absolute delight. It's always lovely catching up with someone you haven't seen in a while, but even more so when they understand blogger life/problems!
I've seen recommendations for 26 Grains all across the internet, but after seeing some of their delicious and healthy bowls on About Time Magazine, I decided it was definitely one to try!

Katie & I grabbed some coffees and slid onto their long wooden benches nestled away in the little haven that is Neals Yard, stomachs grumbling.

Katie ordered their 'BANANA CACAO': Almond Milk Oats, Coconut Yogurt, Cacao Nibs, Banana and Maple. 
It looked & tasted absolutely divine. A filling, creamy bowl of porridge with a delicious sugary topping and fresh yogurt combo. What a winner!

Whereas I plumped for their 'BLUEBERRY BOWL'; of Coconut Milk Oats, Blueberry Compote, Strawberries, Almond Butter, Rye Granola and Coconut.
And like all bloggers out there, it wasn't long before our cameras were whipped out and snapping away. There's a reason 26 Grains is one of the most instagramable cafes in London!

Bright, flavoursome, healthy bowls of happiness!

A delightful catch up with one of my all time favourite bloggers, in a beautiful setting, with some top notch food. 
This is why I love weekends. 

Has anyone else been to 26 Grains? Or been to anywhere else as Instagram worthy?


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  1. I've never been but it looks like a little place I went in Venice believe it or not! The food looks amazing too!

    Victoria xx


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