Saturday, October 31

Beanies Flavoured Coffee

I'm a complete coffee addict. 
So much so, that if I don't get my morning fix, I'll be a zombie for the first few hours and be the grumpiest person possible. 
Coffee is my life.

I chose my two favourite flavours, chocolate orange & vanilla, and decided to give them a try for a week as an afternoon sweet fix whilst at work.

All you do is add a few tsps of coffee...

Some hot water...

And a splash of hot or cold milk.

Before snuggling up, in your pyjamas, with your steaming cup of coffee on the sofa, with a weekend film on. 
The dream! 

What I liked about Beanies... is that its got a strong, sweet flavour that's really realistic. The chocolate orange nor the vanilla didn't taste fake in flavour and had a real punch if you put 3-4tsps of coffee in. It was great to have a simple, sweet caffeine fix for a fraction of the price if I'd gone and bought one from a coffee shop.

I found Beanies was best... when made into a latte style coffee instead of just a white or black coffee.

Overall verdict of Beanies?.. Great value for money. Something different instead of your regular instant brands. Great if you like sweet lattes and drinks whilst snuggling up from the winter winds. 
Downside? Could be a little sweet for some's tasting & you need to make sure you put enough coffee in if, like me, you prefer it strong.

Has anyone else tried Beanies? Got their favourite coffee brands?
 Or are likewise a complete coffee addict?

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  1. I love flavoured coffee! I like the idea of the cinnamon hazelnut one, sometimes you just need a boost!

    Sophia :)

    Small and Happy lifestyle blog


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