Thursday, December 24

Feeling Festive with Hotel Chocolat

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
I hope you're all well, suffering from horrific food comas & are still enjoying the comforts of home.

I've spent the holidays sleeping, eating, and sleeping some more. 
I'm shattered after working my arse off for the past few months and I've been attempting to relax/catch up on sleep. (Easier said than done over Christmas with your family around!)

On the train home for the holidays, I brought back with me one of Hotel Chocolat's festive 'Classic Christmas Sleekster' sets. Considering that half of my stocking is usually Hotel Chocolat and on bad days at work I pop into my local store for one of their 'Tiddly Pots', I just knew this would go down well with the family!

Needless to say, the whole box was gone in one evening between the 5 of us. 
No shame.

So, what exactly did I love about the Classic Christmas Sleekster?
The fact that there was some quirky Christmas favours in there, not just your classic 'salted caramel' addition. With the likes of 'Mulled Wine', 'Mince Pie Brownie' & 'Brandy Butter', there's a flavour to suit every member of the family. (Also suiting the little *cough* or big kids with the simple chocolate reindeer, santa, tree & penguin.
It's also very classic of Hotel Chocolat. Its presented beautifully, each chocolate is 100% flavoursome & has been made with the highest quality chocolate. You know that with each bite you won't be disappointed.
Also, the designs are fun! They aren't just your bog standard square shaped chocolate, they're individual and look beautiful to the eye. (Which is exactly what you want when offering out as a present or being tempted by).

And of course... I couldn't help but do a little 'shriek' for Rudolph when I bit off his head. 
It had to be done.

With  Hotel Chocolat, you honestly can't go wrong & it's becoming a firm family go-to of ours each & every Christmas. Relatively inexpensive, good value & beautifully rich, no wonder my jeans no longer fit after only a week.

Does anyone else have a favourite chocolate? 
Or eaten wayyyyy too many of any brand this Christmas? (...Yeah, don't worry. Me too.)

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