Sunday, January 10

*Insert Generic 'New Year, New Me' Title Here*

2016.... How the heck is it 2016?!

*Freaks out for a few short moments*
Happy New Year everyone! I hope you're all well/kicking those January blues well & truly in the arse. 

Before Christmas I've been having some time out from blogging/social media, was trying to focus on work & was just caught up in the mentalness of London life whilst absolutely lacking any energy. (Who wasn't!?)
Over the Christmas holidays it was great to take some time to recover, reflect, and think about what to do with this space (if anything). 

So what do I want from my little slice of the internet in 2016?

- I want it to become more personal. More relatable. More true to life. 

- I want to get back stuck into the blogging community & meet tons more bloggers!

- I want to make this more of a priority instead of a side project. 

And of 2016 as a whole?

- I want to keep being the forever optimist (I'm realising how much of a valuable life skill this is, especially when the going gets tough!)

- Get back into a proper fitness routine. (Easier said than done. Got a blog post in the works for this!)

- Take opportunities. No matter how scary they are. No matter how daunting. Take them!

- Keep on exploring London. I feel like I've barely scrapped the surface!

- Keep true to myself & have no regrets. Any recent graduate knows that life changes a lot in a short space of time; I want to keep on embracing the change but always being myself in the whirlwind of it all.

So cheers to 2016! Let's try and make it a cracker.
Does anyone else have any NY resolutions? Or just anything they want to try to stick to as much as possible?


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