Saturday, February 13

T2 Chai Championships, Regent Street

A couple of weeks ago, a little invitation landed in my mailbox.
One thing that  am without a doubt, is very, very British. 
I complain about the weather (but love it regardless), I queue like a pro & I'm a firm believer that a cup of tea can solve any and every problem known to man.

Recently, T2 on Regent Street were hosting their very own 'Chai Championship' where Chai baristas from all over the UK battled it out for the ultimate prize: a ticket to Australia for the chance to compete for a once-in-a-lifetime chai-inspired trip to India. (Pretty cool, huh?)
I was, without a doubt, not missing this opportunity!

I brought along my friend Emily & the two of us were warmly greeted on the Thursday night by the inviting smell of a concoction of spices.

The two of us spent some time wandering around, soaking up the atmosphere & sampling some of the extensive ranges of available chai teas before us. I honestly knew very little & didn't know the diversity chai had until this event. 

Banana flavoured chai?
 Mind. Utterly, Blown.

The competitors were busy, bustling away to grind and brew their own special blends of chai. The crowds were simply watching in awe at the skills & mechanisms being used.
It was like the red carpet of tea as every camerabug in the room got overly excited & snap happy at the flowers, spices & techniques being used.

'Chai Me'- I'm without a doubt going to have to replicate this little bottle with my own brew- purely so I can use this pun.

Because of the Indian heritage of chai, the event also had their own clever Henna artist (@nishel_creations on Instagram for those keen to check out her amazing work), Em & I just couldn't resist a glittery little number...

There was also some delightful little nibbles to marry along side the variety of teas.

The green tea macaroons in particular were absolutely divine. I think I ate about ten of these, and could have eaten at least another ten. No shame, non at all.

A huge congrats to Krisi from The Bluebird  Tea Co. for winning the UK Chai Championships; (& good luck in the global competition to follow!)
It was such a vibrant, wonderful event to be invited along to & has opened my eyes to the wondrous world of chai. 
(Yes British public, there are plenty of other delightful teas out there than our beloved English breakfast!) 

Watch this space readers, the girl that previously would only ever order a coffee or English breakfast has now had her eyes opened! I've seen the light.

If you haven't had your eyes opened to chai & T2's wide variety yet, (do!) you can find them here:

A huge thanks to both T2 & to Switched On for the invitation- it was an absolute ball!

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