Wednesday, February 10

The Meat Co., Shepherds Bush

Last week I had the ultimate pleasure of taking my housemate Luke out on our first blogging date. 
Luke's known I've had a blog for a while but hasn't really seen it in action. At the sheer mention of steak, he was wide eyed & keen to be my partner in crime!

And the spot of choice?
The South African steak restaurant on the corner of Westfield called, The Meat Co.

He's a dashing fella isn't he?

The Meat Co. opened in London in 2008 from its roots in South Africa. It prides itself on catering for meat lovers in a sophisticated yet relaxed environment that oozes style & offers the highest quality steak. 
It's been a while since I'd had a top quality steak worth writing about & the Meat Co hit the nail on the head!

Warmly greeted in the bar, Luke & I made use of the happy hour & ordered some cocktails.
Mojito for me, Old Fashioned for Luke.

After a lot of nattering about our mental days at work, the two of us headed on up the spiraling staircase lined with wine bottles into the central, cosy restaurant.

After a lovely welcome from the manager who filled us in on the restaurants history/nature, Luke & I set about perusing the menu with some of the finest South African wine in hand.

To start with, we nibbled on some biltong (South African cured meat); and chose their entrée sharing platter. (Always the best option when you're stumped for choice!)
This included their bruschetta, chicken wings, salt & pepper calamari & braised rib meat cigars with balsamic mayo.

The calamari was crispy to perfection & the cigars.... Oh. My. God. The cigars.
Their crispy, flaky pastry filled with braised meat was incredible & without a doubt my favourite aspect of the sharing platter. The meat was just jaw droppingly tender that it melted in your mouth in an instant.

Likewise with the bruschetta & chicken wings; neither Luke nor myself could fault them. 
The only issue with the start of the meal was thinking; 'Christ, how are we going to eat all of this?!'

But we were here for steak, and steak was without a doubt what we were going to order.
The waitress was immensely helpful when we were umming an ahhing about what specifically to order, but in the end we both settled for two fillets.

One fillet was North American Black Angus, which had been grain fed for 120 days and wet aged for 35+ days; and the other was from our very own British isles, dry aged up to 30 days and then wet aged to ensure a succulent, mind blowing steak. The best of British so to speak.

To accompany our steak & chips, we ordered some sweet potato, asparagus, broccoli & mushroom sauce for Luke. Whilst daunted by the sheer amount of food before us, Luke was refraining himself so hard from digging in whilst I took some snaps.

So...The verdict on the steak?
Probably the best steak that I've ever had in London & the best steak that I've had in general in a long, long time. It was succulent, rich in flavour & melted like butter.
It was everything you could have wanted in a steak. 
The sides were likewise all without fault, & as Luke suggested, 'Man, these are proper chips. Non of those wimpy kind. The proper crispy on the outside & fluffy inside kind of chips. My kind of chips'

(The restaurant also keeps steak knives for its regular guests which we thought was a rather cool concept!)

But in a restaurant like this, it's very much go hard or go home. 
We were sleepy, the food coma was kicking in, but I have a ridiculous sweet tooth & we were without a doubt making room for dessert.

And by George, are we happy we did so.

Luke plumped for the Meat Co brownie; this was cleverly broken down in three little bowls with bits of honeycomb, ice cream & melt in the mouth brownie.

Whereas I picked their “Madiba Charity Malva Pudding”; supposedly Nelson Mandela's favourite. 
Now I'm a huge fan of sticky toffee pudding, or to be honest, any pudding. But any hot, sweet pudding that's smothered in ice cream is always in my good books.
This pudding was just mind blowing, and (sorry Mum); was better than any home comfort alternative. 
If I hadn't just eaten a lot of meat, I could have easily devoured about three of these.

The Meat Co.
If you're after an incredible steak, a jaw dropping pudding, and impeccable service, then look no further. 
Its right next to Shepherds Bush tube & Westfield so easily accessible, and it also more importantly had a great atmosphere albeit on a weekday.
I can't recommend it enough & will without a doubt be back- maybe I'll even have my own steak knife on the wall one day!

If you'd also like to have a delicious steak & pudding coma, you can find The Meat Co., here:

(A huge thank you to The Meat Co for giving Luke & I the most impeccable food & service. You were great in guiding us in our options & for offering us the best experience possible. I promise I'll be back! Likewise, thank you to the Communication Group & Anna for organising this for us; it was flawless.)

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