Saturday, April 9

Greenberry, Primrose Hill

This is a little spot I've been meaning to post about for a while.
Nestled up in the north of London, far away from my doorstep in the south, is a beautiful little brunch spot that's a favourite of many a celebrity.
Say hello to Primrose Hill's finest, Greenberry.

I ventured along with one of my old school friends called Harriet, and within minutes the two of us were eyeing up the decor- and the floor. (I'm also completely obsessed with the Instagram account, I Have This Thing With Floors- damn true.)

And because both of us are so damn predictable... We picked something virtually identical to what we also go for at brunch.
Harriet picked their stacked pancakes with berry compote & I their field mushrooms on toast. 

A really light, airy brunch spot where you're surrounded by a gentle hum, helpful staff & many a plant. Definitely head on over to Greenberry, just be prepared to queue around for a bit (well worth it though.)

The two of us ambled on in the sunshine, exploring Primrose Hill and its beautiful shops (a personal favourite being Graham & Green- How I wish I could decorate a house like this!)

We delved into one of our favourite little bakeries. Without a doubt the best cupcakes in London can be found at the Primrose Bakery & I use their recipes religiously. 

And purely because we're sugar addicts and a tiny little cupcake wasn't enough to get our fix, Harriet & I stopped off for a bite at Cowshed. A spa treatment here is definitely on my list of things to do in London, it looks like the perfect pamper spot.

And, because I have this thing with pugs.... I made a new friend.

I think 'Buttons' & I make quite a pair, don't ya think?

You can find Greenberry here, but have a wander round Primrose Hill whilst your at it. It's a beautiful part of London and a romantic date/picnic with friends on the hill overlooking London is one plan you need to make for summer. 


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