Tuesday, April 26

Venice, Part 1

This trip feels like a life time ago... 
Waking up midweek at the crack of dawn; and instead of making my way along the hustle & bustle on the tube to work, hopping on a rumbling train to the outskirts of London.
There's still no better buzz than hopping on a plane to somewhere new, is there?

This little get away was a birthday present for my Mum's belated 60th birthday. A quick city break to Venice, Italy. I wasn't missing this trip for the world.
With weary, tired eyes; the five of us hopped on the plane early doors and landed on the shores of Italy, to embark in a taxi that's completely unlike any other that I've ever been in...

Speeding off in our little jet boat, we edged closer, and closer to the sinking city. 
Talk about a grand entrance, ey?

We stayed in a beautiful house (found handily on AirBnB); that was remarkably central & in full Italian splendour. 

It wasn't long before we quickly dropped our bags & headed off in search of Italian coffee- the proper, jaw dropping kind.

And it wasn't long until we were blown away at, without a doubt, one of the most stunning cities I have ever been to.
As expected in such a romantic city, there was a lot of couples... A lot.
But hey! I regardless had great fun weaving through the ridiculous number of linked armed, blissfully happy couples & went into full on history nerd mode.

Wandering round the side streets, we finally made our way to the famous Rialto Bridge.
History/Latin Nerd Fact no1. (Ri- river, Alto- High... Bridge- Named as such since it was the highest around- Original name, I know.) 
Covered in shops; it's been know to collapse a few times in history, but here it stood, proud as ever.

History Nerd fact no. 2) All the building have number's above their doors. This was introduced when Napoleon invaded Venice to help divide the districts, and was likewise exploited by Hitler in WW2 in order to control the city and keep a tabs on the Jewish areas.

Cringe worthy shot as this is, the classic, 'Oh I'm just casually watching a gondolier'.... Even after three days in this fair city, watching the serenading, striped gondoliers go by at a leisurely pace,  it never grew tiring.
It was simply mesmerizing.

And finally, towards the end of the day, (God we'd done a lot of walking), we arrived at St Mark's Square as the sun was dimming.
We were returning the next day for a full guided tour, but a little wander around in the dwindling light was never any harm.

I'm trying to let most of the photos do the talking, as I don't think my words can honestly do Venice's splendour justice. 
Even though I'm wearing a big coat, the weather was warm & the sunshine flawless (Venice thankfully only smells in the summer- so we luckily missed that delight). 

An incredible city that's truly unique; it's not the best place to be when you're single- especially when you're 5th wheeling you parents, brother & his girlfriend- but hey! It's stunning & one of my favourite cities regardless.
A unique, Italian gem.

Looking forward to sharing Part 2 with you all later on!


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