Thursday, May 19

Venice, Day 2

Venice is without a doubt one of the most stunning cities that I've ever visited.
I mean, check that out as a morning stroll scene?
With our last day in this fair city, we set about to do everything & anything on our list.
Challenged, we awoke early & set off to explore the nearby St Marks' Square, the Basilica & the Doge's Palace (their ancient equivalent of parliament). 

Jam packed with tourists, we weaved through the crowd's & awed at the splendour inside the Basilica on our way to the roof top viewing.
If you're visiting Venice, without a doubt explore these two buildings in particular; there's so much history here that it'll blow you mind!

With stunning views overlooking the square, watching people be heckled by pigeons had never before been such fun...

On our tour around the Doge's Palace, they escort you through the tiny, ancient offices & the hidden prison cells. You even get to walk about the Bridge of Sighs (not the one in Oxford!).

History Nerd Alert- This is where the high risk prisoners as far back as the 17thC, would walk into the Doge Palace to their cells. It was their last glimpse of freedom before being locked under ball &
chain in horrendous conditions...

At least it's not a bad last glimpse at freedom though!

With grumbling stomachs, my mother & I headed off for some local cuisine close to their local market- being a tourist is hard graft after all.

Whilst I've seen many a food market in my time, there's something oddly magical about a market along the canal side, with gondoliers gliding by, and Italian vendors belting out their bargains.

With our stomachs now rubbling once more, our party wandered off to go meet our tour guide for a boat tour we had planned in the afternoon. After all, there's no better way to see the city on water than on the water itself!

Wandering over the bridge over looking the Grand Canal, my mother quickly stopped in her tracks.
She smartly realised that there was a little shop nearby that was mentioned in all of the travel guides...
The best tiramisu in the whole of Venice?
(Clever mother... Very, very clever). 

Without a doubt, the best tiramisu of my life. 
(And I've eaten a few.)

It was one of those surreal moments when you realise you're sat, on a side of a canal in Venice, eating drool worthy tiramisu, with the cliche sounds of a gondolier's song going by. 

Something I'll remember forever? 
Without a doubt.

Eventually, having torn myself away from my third tiramisu, we found our guide & embarked upon a water taxi to explore Venice the way truly intended. 

Cruising under the Rialto bridge, winding our way amongst the 'traffic' filled canals, we were enlightened by some of Venice's diverse history.

Before, inevitably, going back to our apartment & collapsing from a full day of exploring.
Waking up at the crack of dawn the next morning, we sped back in our water taxi, leaving one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to with a stunning sunrise as the back drop for our flight home.

A gem nestled on the coast of Italy.
Unbelievably unique- it was rather refreshing to see that it was exactly how you imagined it to be. 
No significant tourist traps, stunning scenery and amazing food. 

It's without a doubt somewhere everyone should have on their bucket list.

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