Saturday, June 11

The Biscuiteers, Icing Lates

This is without a doubt one of my favourite blog posts that I've written in a long time.

A few years ago, imagine a wide eyed, red headed girl wandering down Portobello Road for the first time. Weaving through the crowds of people eyeing up the trinklets on each stall, she decided to detour onto the side streets to get a bit of space from the hoards of people.

There, just off Portobello Road, this young, ginger explorer came did a double take as she came across Buckingham Palace- yes, Buckingham Palace - in the form of biscuits... (Naturally surrounded by gingerbread soldiers & royal family.)

From there, my love of The Biscuiteers was born.

The Biscuiteers run regular icing classes in both their Northcote Road & Notting Hill cafes.
I was lucky enough to be invited along to their 'Icing Lates'; where you're warmly welcomed with a glass of prosecco & one of their beautiful aprons.
Taking our seats, the expertly trained staff carefully showed us some different icing techniques.

(Excuse my rather shaky start!)

And before our eyes, the biscuits began to come to life with the bright shades of colour.

Whilst their biscuits are jaw droopingly beautiful, I was surprisingly a huge fan of the decor too....

You can check out some of The Biscuiteers' designs here. They're utterly brilliant for some novelty biscuits (especially for Fathers Day next weekend); and I couldn't help wandering around their cafe with a grin on my face as I spied ketchup bottle biscuits.

And there you have it! 
My hour of graft created these little, delicious novelties. (Complete with a ginger bread me- naturally).
Parcelled up in a stunning box, I wrapped up my goodies to take back to my hungry housemates.

What a wonderful, creative, quirky brand. 

Check out their website & if you're around Clapham or Notting Hill, go have a wander in their cafe- who doesn't like tasty biscuits shaped like celebrities, novelties & Buckingham Palace?


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