Sunday, July 17

Morocco- Beldi Country Club

Everyone needs a holiday now and again- a little breath of fresh air & break from the chaotic & non stop rumble of working life. 
One of my promises to myself is to every year go somewhere completely new- no matter where that might be. This year I've already filled that quota with venturing for the first time to Venice, Tel Aviv, Morocco & actually, right now, I am currently drafting this post sat on a plane to Berlin.
It's safe to say wanderlust & me go hand in hand!

Sorry- I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's stick with Morocco for now instead of typical-me, wanting to conquer the world in a day.
With one of my dearest friends by my side, I landed in the sweltering heat & donned my sun hat- ready for the inevitable sunburn.

We were staying in a Riad in the middle of the Medina (the old town/main square) but for our first day, we decided to hit up one of the luxury hotels on the outskirts. Whilst space is so limited in the centre; these stunning hotels don't have that issue. After the stress of travelling with work to TelAviv for a conference less than 24 hours before, I needed a pool.
I really needed a pool.

Beldi Country Club was that exact breath of fresh air. 
With its miles of blooming rose gardens & charming alcove after alcove, it was jaw dropping.

It was just the paradise we needed. 

For a three course lunch & a whole day using the pool it cost us about £30- pretty good value if you ask me! 

As the day drew closer to an end, we headed off to move into our AirBnB Riad right in the heart of the medina.
I can't recommend Riad Lola enough- brilliant location, friendly hosts & stunning decor. It was really everything you could have hoped for from an AirBnB.

A pretty chilled first day & ready to explore the Medina in the morning!


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