Wednesday, July 13

Pergola on the Roof

The British summer, whilst full of rain & Brits complaining about a severe lack of sunshine, does occasionally surprise. Every now and again, we experience some sunshine. Shock horror, I know.

(In fact, I'm currently typing this blog post with horrific sun burn. 
My chest is red raw & my knees are blistering. A delightful image I know...
- Tip... Do not wear ripped knee jeans in significant sun if pale skinned & ginger - )

Any how, my severe burning from the sunshine as a result of a gene that's wiping out all gingers via natural selection, is but of little importantance. 
What is important however, is where when the rarity of the sun occurs, where I will be found. 

Pergola on the Roof is without a doubt in my top London spots for the Summer. 
Snuck away on top of the old BBC rooftop, it's a hidden, floral gem offering tons of atmosphere, delicious food & a haven above the city upon which to drink.
After hearing so much positivity, I headed on over with my gladems in search of a hangover cure...

Packed full of personality, we managed to sneak a table by arriving early, and set about eyeing up the food stalls.

They do say the hair of the dog helps after all...

As you can imagine, with rumbling stomachs & hungover heads, the smell of food wafting in their air was pretty torturous. 
Whilst the likes of SaltYard & Rabbit looked jaw dropping... I had my eyes on one, and only one, prize.

The holy grail that is Patty & Bun.
*Dum... Dum... DURRR!*
I'm kind of ashamed as a food blogger to say that this was my first ever Patty & Bun. 
I know, I know...
I'm a sorry excuse for a foodie, let alone a blogger, but better late than never, ey?

I cradled my ‘Ari Gold’ Cheeseburger, (a juicy beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, ketchup & smokey P&B mayo, all within a brioche bun), and rosemary chips back to our table & dug in with glee.
It certainly didn't last long. 

A rich, juicy burger that will literally have you licking your fingers constantly throughout; there's a reason there's been such a buzz about Patty & Bun for so long. 
If you haven't had one already, don't be a sad excuse for a foodie, and check them out. They also have shops all over central London & are featured on Deliveroo too- so no excuses here.

And naturally, we couldn't leave without sampling something sweet. Rabbit's honeycomb, dipped in chocolate with mascarpone cream. Dreamy.

Pergola on the Roof is a London gem near White City, that's a must see this summer.
Get a group of 6+, book a table for free in advance (to make sure you get a decent spot), and soak up the sun & smells.
It's pretty fairly priced & you can also sign up to their newsletter for a free cocktail when you get there. 
Just make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment!


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