Thursday, September 22

National Burger Day 2016

I bet that photo caught your attention, didn't it?!
Say hello to National Burger Day- the one day of the year where it is 100% acceptable to eat over 10 burgers & not be judged on the meat juice stains, covering your shirt. 

After work on a hot summer's eve, I brought along my beautiful friend Francesca for an evening of pure gluttony. 

I'm warning you, from hereon by- do not read this post if you're a) on a diet or b) hungry.

I visited National Burger Day two years ago... (God, that makes me feel really old).
With a new location at Canada Water under their belts & an increasingly popular reputation on the rise, I was due another visit.

Last time, the best burger by a mile was created by Mother Flipper ...

Say hello to burger number 1!

Before our eyes, these little creations came to life, lined up in a neat row.

Without a doubt, just the best burger around.
I usually hate the hashtag 'FoodPorn', but come on- this little beauty earns that title hands down. 

28 Day Aged Minced Chuck Steak, Ketchup, Mustard, Red Onion, Pickle, American Cheese, Bacon fried in Maple Syrup... And all in a glazed brioche bun.

A classic burger, done to perfection.
Two years on, still my favourite. 

Wandering around the buzzing atmosphere of Hawker House, we eyed up our next prey... 

*Voted UK & London's Best Burger in 2016- so we obviously had to try this one*
Beef Patty, Venison Patty, with cheese, candied bacon, béarnaise & caramelised onion, served on a brioche bun.

What a pretty little burger, ey?
Slightly messy on the hands (but part of the fun), it tasted utterly incredible & the venison really did give the burger a meatier, more flavoursome punch.
I can 100% see why it won these awards & it ended up being Francesca's favourite. 

As the fairy lights began to twinkle in the sunset, it was a pretty obvious choice for our last pick.

Dry-aged beef-butter patty, fried calamari & chipotle mayo

With staff beautifully decked out in shirts & bowties, what's not to love?!

A really stunning burger. 
One that plays up to the eyes.

I wasn't too sure about mixing fish and a burger; but I must say, these doubts were quickly subsided.
Once again, if it wasn't for the fact I'd already gorged on two whopping burgers; I could have eaten at least another two of these. Easy. 

What a bloody brilliant idea.


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